Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Back!

Hey everyone (assuming anyone's still out there . . . ). I know I've had quite an extended absence. First off, back in September, I had a break-in and was without computer for quite some time. I finally got my check from my homeowner's insurance and replaced it, reading all the while. At this point it was coming up on Thanksgiving, so I figured I'd ride it out over the holidays, and start posting again in the new year.

Then, in a 3 hour period at the beginning of January, I (a.) exited my house at 6 PM, getting ready to head into work, to find a burst pipe, (b.) called my father, hoping for a quick water shut off tip, to make it through the night and found out that a family member had just died, and (c.) once I arrived at work, I was broken up with via, I kid you not, text message. Yes, I'm an adult. Yes, this apparently can still happen to you post-high school graduation. Who knew? Heck, Taylor Swift at least got a (28 second) phone call. This sort of thing did NOT happen to Nancy Drew.

In other words, my year thus far has been on the miserable side, and I'm just now emerging from that unfortunate, barely-functioning, subsisting on Motrin/Gatorade/late night calls to girlfriends stage. Reading about all these girls who have suitors thick on the ground that they don't even care about is only just now starting to sound appealing, so, with any luck, I'll have Polly's Southern Cruise up later today.

That said, if anyone has a series book recommendation featuring a heroine who's UNlucky in love, you know I'd be all over that. Not that I'm expecting a lot of those! Sorry to make you all listen to my petty problems, but I wanted you to know that you hadn't been abandoned for nothing or forgotten.
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