Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Favorite Things

I've been considering re-reading some of my favorites and posting reviews, rather than sticking to new-to-me books. Which, naturally, got me thinking about just what books for a series are the best. For me, the ones I enjoy/re-read the most don't always match up to the ones that I think are the best written. For example, I think The Vanishing Shadow is probably the best written Judy Bolton book. However, there are several others that I reread more because they showcase her romance with Peter--to me, that's more enjoyable/easy to read about than her kidnapping in Vanishing Shadow. Of course, sometimes best/favorite coincides, as in The Adventure Girls in the Air. It can also get complicated with a series like Beverly Gray, where my favorite story arc is (surprise!) the travels on board the Susabella, but my favorite stand alone titles are Beverly Gray, Sophomore and Beverly Gray's Romance. I like those particular books on their own more than any of the individual titles within the Susabella arc.


Nancy's Mysterious Letter, 1932 edition.
The Vanishing Shadow
Beverly Gray, Sophomore
The Adventure Girls in the Air
Behind the White Veil
(Vicki Barr)
The Ghost Wore White (Connie Blair)
The Missing Formula (Madge Sterling)
Kristie at College/Quarry Ghost (not series, but excellent)
Peggy Plays Off-Broadway (Peggy Lane)

I tried to narrow down a Trixie Belden, but I think of that series differently than others. They were the first series I ever read, my mother's old deluxe editions (1-15), and I've never attempted to replace them or expand on my collection. I reread all of them at least once a year. The most memorable scenes for me are Trixie finding the white dress with the Peter Pan collar and the flared skirt--and getting her first orchid from Jim; when Brian finds out that she's been acting like a mooning nincompoop over Honey's ridiculous cousin so that she can use her diamond ring to save Brian's car; and two scenes in The Happy Valley Mystery: Jim reassuring her after the dance and giving her an id bracelet on the plane back to New York.

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  1. Omygoodness we must be polar opposites because most of your favourite trixie scenes are the ones I HATE. Seriously, I think Trixie is wayy too young and tomboyish for anything more than a small admiration for Jim because, well he's cool, although I like Brian more. Becuase of the many ghostwriters, Trixie's portrayal seomtiems really really irks me, like in the Bob White Cave book where she is increibly whiny. Anyways, I hated the part where Jim gave her an ID bracelet, because I really found it ridiculous. I adore Honey though, I like her ebtter than Trix, and my all time favourite must be the Mysterious Code because it has a lot of childhood nostalgia for me when I read it again and again, and also, because it was just such great, wholesome fun. Anyways, just sharing my opinions. Hope you don't mind.


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