Sunday, April 5, 2009

Storing Books

I'm always curious how serious collectors store all those books--Jenn Fisher's collection is about the only person's I've seen pictured. You can see my own library above, although I've added since then (I know you're shocked), and the shelves are all pretty full. If you want a tour, the far left bookcase is all Nancy Drew and Dana Girls. After that, I have them organized alphabetically by series name. I group formats together because I think it looks better (white spine Nancys, OS Nancys w/o dj, wrap dj Nancys, etc.), arranged by number within the format. To get even more anal, the formats are done in the order they were introduced (purple Dana Girls, turquoise DG, wrap DG, etc.), which gets complicated with Nancy Drew, since there are overlapping formats (i.e. cameo editions), and I also have some British and French editions. The few single titles I have are alphabetical by author.

My issue right now is that while all my series books are on the shelf, my regular books are still boxed from my move last summer. Clearly, I don't have the shelf space for them. I've bought another tall shelf and a different desk with a finished back. The current plan is to move the desk away from the wall, then use that space for two more shelves. I've also tentatively started selling off series I don't like in my Bonanzle booth--Kay Tracey is my test of this at the moment. I should also disclose that my favorite series, Judy Bolton and Beverly Gray, are housed on the built-in by my fireplace in the living room.

P.S. Please ignore my beginning attempts at stripping the fireplace. Thanks.

And in a final random note, there's no less than 3 Cherry Ames board games up for sale on eBay right now, and two others have sold in the past couple of weeks. A little odd, but it seems like there's a rush on certain things every now and then. The first one sold for almost $90, which may have encouraged some other people to list.

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  1. Sorry to comment on an old post. I am also intrigued by the ways that people keep and display their books, especially series books. We bought a number of oak bookcases from the furniture stores as we had room and need. The result is that there are several styles and sizes. Still, when they are put together they seem to work.

    I found a blog with photos of the home libraries of many people. It hasn't been added to since December, however. There are lots of images though.

    We long ago ran out of space but that doesn't keep us from buying, especially the scarce and unusual items.

    Series book illustration art is sometimes the hardest to deal with since we are out of wall space for them and have been for a while now. We have archive boxes and portfolios for the overflow.

    James Keeline (100th Anniversary Tom Swift Convention, July 16-18, San Diego).


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